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We offer a range of inspiring KS1 & KS2 education programmes aimed at exploring and understanding the natural world.  Our highly skilled staff deliver engaging, hands on learning activities aimed at encouraging children to develop their understanding of nature and apply their scientific enquiry skills.  All our education programmes are curriculum linked and cover programmes of study such as plants, animals, living things & their habitats, adaptations, growing and healthy eating. 



Enter the wonderful world of minibeasts.  Explore Iver's pond and woodland habitats for aquatic and terrestrial minibeasts.  Discover how invertebrates have adapted to their environment and learn their place in the food chain.  Find out how the seasons affect minibeasts and create a Winter bug hotel to take back to school.


KS1 &

Lower KS2


   Pond Dipping

Minibeast Hunt

       Bug Hotels



Venture into the safe and shallow waters of the River Misbourne at Denham Country Park to investigate the physical features of a river.  Discover what aquatic minibeasts live in the river and where they fit into the food chain.  Study the shape, size and movement of these creatures and learn how they are adapted to river life.  Head out on a self-guided walk to discover the different habitats and manmade features of Denham Country Park.




     River Detectives

          River Dipping

                Wild Walk


What would it be like to live in a rainforest?  What skills would you need to survive?  Become a rainforest tribe for the day and create your own settlement.  Learn what plants grow in the rainforest and how they are used in day to day life.  Build a shelter and discover what animals lurk amongst the rainforest layers.  Learn some essential bushcraft and farming skills and prepare a simple meal cooked over the campfire.​



                    Rainforest food chains

                      Creating a settlement

                 Growing & cooking skills

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