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We offer a range of inspiring KS1 & KS2 education programmes aimed at exploring and understanding the natural world.  Our highly skilled staff deliver engaging, hands on learning activities aimed at encouraging children to develop their understanding of nature and apply their scientific enquiry skills.  All our education programmes are curriculum linked and cover programmes of study such as plants, animals, living things & their habitats, adaptations, growing and healthy eating. 


Where does our food come from and how does it get to our plat?  Reconnect with nature and learn what plants need to grow.  Explore our allotments on a fruit and vegetable hunt.  Become a herb detective and plant your own seed to take away.  C​onsider the different animals that live on farms and what foods they give us.  Make and taste some home-made butter and try grinding some wheat.

KS1 &

Lower KS2


                                           Plant Life

                    Fruit & Vegetable Hunt

   Butter Making & Wheat Grinding



From the snowdrops in early Spring to the golden glow of leaves in Autumn, there is always something new to see at Iver.  Understand how plants are affected by the seasons.  Become a tree detective and learn how to identify common trees from their leaves or branches.  Discover how to measure the height and age of a tree and find out what minibeasts live there.  Explore our allotments and hunt for seasonal produce.




     Tree Detectives

 Allotment Explorer

       Seasonal Signs


What foods do we need to eat to keep our bodies healthy?  Learn all about food groups and discover what a healthy balanced meal looks like.  Learn how food is grown by exploring our allotments and harvesting some seasonal produce.  Try your hand at cooking a simple, healthy meal and then head to the campfire to observe how to cook 'al fresco'.  End the day sampling all the healthy dishes.

KS1 &



                                     Eatwell Plate

    Cooking Practical & Observation

  Fruit & Vegetable Hunt & Harvest

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